grounding kit.

grounding kit.

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This kit contains four tumble stones that have been hand picked to aid in grounding. Each kit comes in a small cotton pouch and includes a bloodstone, hematite, quartz with tourmaline and selenite stone.

The contents of each kit may vary slightly in colour and size as no two crystals are the same. 

Hematite: Brings focus as well as clarity to any situation. Perfect grounding stone with its ability to make you feel calm and centred. 

Selenite: Often used to cleanse and clear other crystals as well as any negative energies. It is also used to bring peace and calm.

Quartz with Tourmaline: A powerful stone used to neutralise negative thoughts and feelings. Often used during mediation to aid in grounding.

Bloodstone: Used to bring a calm energy and to ground one in the here and now. 

Note: We recommend you cleanse your crystals regularly. You can do this with sage or under a full moon. Do not submerge selenite in water, this will cause it to degrade.