self love kit.

self love kit.

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This kit contains four tumble stones that have been hand picked to promote self love. Each kit comes in a small cotton pouch and includes an amethyst, carnelian, clear quartz and rose quartz stone.

The contents of each kit may vary slightly in colour and size as no two crystals are the same.
Amethyst: Often used to soothe and still the mind and emotions.

Carnelian: Gives courage and promotes positive life choices. This vibrant stone is also associated with creativity and individuality.

Clear Quartz: Encourages clarity of thought. It can also amplify energy making it a great stone for healing and manifestation.

Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of unconditional love. It inspires a love of yourself, others and nature. Soft and feminine in energy it is often associated with tenderness, compassion and comfort.

Note: We recommend you cleanse your crystals regularly. You can do this with sage or under a full moon.

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